Memory req for ES in very small-scale operation?

Hi, I am trying to use Elasticsearch for something very basic and small-scale and am wondering if ES can be configured to run with 1GB of RAM at all. I need to run ES, Logstash and Kibana (ELK).

This is for a Ubuntu server. There is minimal data going from Logstash to ES. When I tried to start the Elasticsearch service, it gives me an insufficient memory error.

If 1GB is not doable, will 2GB do it? And if so what are the settings.

This is a screenshot of the errors btw.

What I am doing: using logstash to log Discord events to ES and try to visualize them with Kibana. On my local dev machine (Mac) the default install gave them 2GB only.

Have a look at the config/jvm.options file and change memory settings in it.

thanks — what should I change to? is there any recommended settings?

Instead of 2g try 1g

I'm not saying this is recommended.

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