Merge 2 dashboards into 1 Common Dashboard

Is there a way to display 2 different dashboards under a single screen as a common dashboard. There are 2 different dashboards created for 2 different project collection. From my business stand point both comes under the same umbrella but the teams, access project solutions logging mechanism are different.
At present, we have 2 independent ES, LS, KB configured for both the projects and its working fine.
The only ask is to show the dashboards for both these projects on a single screen. So that my business don't need to rely on 2 different URLs. Everything needs to be in a single page.

Can this be achieved ?

I m using ES 5.4 and also note we wont be able to make a common ES/KS servers common we have to keep it separate due to business reasons.

Kibana can only talk to a single Elasticsearch instance at a time. I'm not aware of a way to mix two instances. Even if you had some kind of coordinating node, I can't think how you'd be able to let it choose which cluster or which Kibana index to talk to.

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