Merge 3 CSV files based on common column

(slimshady) #1

I am trying to merge 3 csv files which have columns like:
1st CSV: [oid, symbol, price, qty, side, err1]
2nd CSV: [oid, tid, symbol, price, qty, side, err2, error_msg]
3rd CSV: [tid, symbol, price, qty, side, err3]

Now as you can see, i have to map oid of 1st csv with tid of 2nd csv and also tid of 3rd csv with oid of 2nd csv.

I think it is very similar to outer join queries in relational databases.

So what is approach should I follow for such kind of relationships between log files?

PS: I have already read many FAQs related to this and tried using Aggregation, Parent-child relationship, but no help :frowning:

(Mark Walkom) #2

You cannot do this in Elasticsearch, you need to do it during ingestion using something like Logstash.

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