Merge 500 daily indices to weekly / Reindex data

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  1. How to merge 500 daily indices to weekly? Will this increase the search speed? If it possible?
    1.1) What can increase speed of search expect of my hardware? :sweat_smile:
  2. What is the best way to reindex data? Because, there are many wrong fields that I need reindex with updated config.

Try something like this - Kibana only display logo no content -elasticsearch error shard

But will it increase the search speed?

It should, yes.

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Okay, so could you please explain me more details about this:

PUT lcch-cisco-2018.03
    POST _reindex
      "source": {
        "remote": {
          "host": "http://localhost:9200"
        "index": "lcch-cisco-2018.03.*"
      "dest": {
        "index": "lcch-cisco-2018.03"

It's mean that all indexers random-name-2018.03. will as random-name 2018.3 as month? And I can by this method to merge to weekly? Yes?
So, how to do it not manual by this action? How to setup it automatic, so it will be automatically generates weekly indices?

And they will be automatic updated with my new config and it's will fix wrong field, or for this step I need to do something else?

This tool
make the same as your script?

If you want it automatic then look at using ILM -

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