Merge Document increasing some doc count why?

Before merge my index status is

green open client 4m5zLWWweSzzWsYoJ4MewpeQ 5 1 344914 79523 1.1gb 654.6mb

when i did merge operation by curl -XPOST

I found some increment in documents

green open client 4m5zLWWweSzzWsYoJ4MewpeQ 5 1 345135 0 819.8mb 409.9mb

Why this document count increase 344914 to 345135 happened, is any chance to get include deleted documents? what actually merge did?

Did you recently insert some documents into this index? It is possible that the 344914 document count didn't include documents added since the last refresh, but that a refresh occurred at around the same time as the force merge.

no there is no any insertion, is there any chance to no of doc will increase after forcemerge? there was 3 million small doc [among 4 billion doc] forcemerge taken 30 min.. can i reduce this time?

Not as far as I know.

Force-merging is an intensive operation that involves re-writing the whole index, so I'd expect it to take some time. Why do you want it to be faster?

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