Merge documents using reindex api


I am trying to merge documents from index A to index B where the data in index A has a generated id and in index B uses email address as a document id. The goal is to collect data for that email address in index B.

Currently I query index A using python, format the data and send it back to index using the helper.bulk() function.

Now I was playing with the reindex api and came up with this

"conflicts": "proceed",
"source": {
"index": "index_A"
"dest": {
"index": "index_B",
"version_type": "external"
"script": {
"inline": "ctx._id =",
"lang": "painless"

According to the docs, setting the version_type to external it should update an existing document if the id exists. I find however my documents replaced with the latest one found in index A.

Is it possible to update existing documents using the reindex api?

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No one any ideas?

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