Merge matching documents

I have two different indices with matching documents - the _id field is the same. How can I copy documents from one index to another and overwrite the document at the destination, and also insert a document if it doesn't exist?

For instance, this document exists on both indices with a slight variation


          "_id" : "12345678",
          "time" : 1625029200000,
          "amount" : "0.26",
          "description" : "bag of rice",


          "_id" : "12345678",
          "time" : 1825029200000,
          "amount" : "0.57",
          "description" : "beans",

I want to copy the document above from index_one and since the _id matches, overwrite the fields in index_two with those that exist on index_one. What is the best way to achieve this? Reindexing will copy documents that do not exist from the source to the destination but won't overwrite existing documents.

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