Merge two indices created by two different Logstash conf file

I have two logs from Jitsi Meet application: jicofo.log and jvb.log. These logs are transferred from Filebeat to Logstash. I have separate Logstash configuration files for both incoming logs, and they are stored in separate indices on Elasticsearch, named 'jvb-2023' and 'jicofo-2023'.

Now, I'm viewing these logs on Kibana. In the Logstash configuration files, I'm using Grok to extract various attributes, including 'meeting name'. However, 'meeting name' is common in both jvb and jicofo logs. I want to merge both indices into a separate index, let's call it 'jitsi-2023', using 'meeting name' as the common field.

Could you please guide me on how to achieve this? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Priyaansh_Dwivedi,
I dont know if this can solve your problema but probably you can't do that easily because i had the same issue.
I suggest to create another pipeline logstash with in input the two different index and in output the final index.

Let me know if that can solve your problem

Hi @Samuele_Lolli thanks for your reply. But I am afraid to say I didn't get what you meant. Especially for the input, how are two different indexes?
My Logstash output is on Elastic search creating an index for a log.

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