Message: "failed to find message" in Kibana Logs


We have a problem when we try to see logs from Kibana "Logs", so we get this message:
"failed to find message",


but in this path there are multiple log's files.

failed_to_find_message_server|530x121 !

By the other hand, we see this logs in "Discover"


But it seems that there is some wrong in Kibana "Logs"
I need to do something to achieve get my full logs here?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @jmteba,

the Logs app in Kibana expects the log documents to adhere to the ECS schema. In this case that means that it expects the timestamp to be in the @timestamp field and the message to be in message.

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Hi @weltenwort thanks for your answer,
You are right! My problem was that I was changing "message" field to "message_log", so really "message" field didn't exist.
I have changed in Kibana Logs the "Log Columns" to add "message_logs" and it works now!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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