Message text size Kibana

My query is increasing the message text (number of lines) up to 1000 line in a single document.
Note:- When searing for an error I am missing related error above and below lines

In kibana 6.7.0 when logs are indexed we can view the log 2 types:-
1 View surrounding documents .
2 view single documents .

in type2:- view single documents i can see only single line of message, is there any option i can view 1000 lines in a single document.

Welcome @kiran2! I'm not completely following your question. Do you think you could provide a screenshot of the issue you're experiencing? That might help me troubleshoot better.

hi alisongoryachev,

Please check below images, in first image i can view logs, when click on first line goes to table as second image and log message as in image-3. It shows only single line log. I am looking for logs as splunk logs attached images below. please check

now my question is when click on one line it should display min 100 lines at single view message, when compared to splunk option show source it shows 100 to 1000 lines. is it possible in Kiban or elastic search to view message all at a time.

Can you please check .


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