Metribeat not picking up process stats


We use metricbeat in our deployment to collect system stats including running processes. One of the processes usually reported by metribeat across our app infrastructure is jboss application. However metricbeat has failed to report jboss process' availability since a restart of the jboss processes. We have noticed that all other processes are reported by Metricbeat except for Jboss.

A restart of the metricbeat is also not helping in this case. Any thoughts or suggestions what could have gone wrong. The metricbeat configuration has not changed and by default we collect all processes info.

Do you know from where Metricbeat collect process info. Looking for pointers to debug the issue.


Hi @SIVA_S2018,

Process list on linux is obtained by listing the process directories in the /proc filesystem, so in principle stats of all processes should be collected. If there is some problem collecting metrics for a process it should appear in the debug output, to enable it set logging.level: debug or use the -d flag.

It is weird in any case that an only process is missing, how are you looking for its stats? Is it possible that after an upgrade the process appears with a different name?

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