Metric aggregations: how to divide value and Courier of shard failed

Hi All,

is it possible to divide some key vaule in Metric aggregations as following, I would like to divide '" with an number in percentile

I found an issue and follow that steps, and then create a scripted field as following

Then I create a visualization by Metric, set average to aggregations and set my custom scripted filed to field, but some warning displayed as following

To solve the problem I refer to to increase thread search queue_size in elasticsearch.yml (every node)

##### Thread pool #####

# Search pool fixed 200 20000

Did I misunderstand something?? Please someone help


Anyone can help?

Not currently. We have upcoming experimental functionality in Kibana 4.2 that would be helpful in such a scenario, but this is not currently possible in 4.1.

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for replying

Another question is "Courier of shard filed" warning (or error?), shall this question post here or elasticsearch topic?


Hey Jason - Yeah, I'm not sure. Better ask directly in Elasticsearch :slight_smile: