Metric Beat _Fail to run Import Dashboard Script on Remote Virtual machine

(Tanuj Wadhawan) #1

Hi Team,

I am trying to run Metric beat import dashboard script on remote Virtual machine from where Windows resources needs to be extracted.

Elastic Search & Kibana are running on my local machine.

I am getting below error while running import dashboard script on remote virtual machine.

any leads for the same.

Error Message:-

Failed to set the mapping - Put dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
Create temporary directory C:\Users\X*****~1\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp359708419
Error importing URL/file: Failed to download file: Error: Get
ts-dashboards/ read tcp ip.ip.ip.ip:59397->ip.ip.ip.ip:443: wsarecv: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. Exiting

(Carlos Pérez Aradros) #2

Hi @tanuj_wadhawan,

It looks like you have to update your output configuration, elasticsearch host is pointing to, while probably you want to point it to your host. Check your VM network settings, and set the right host there.

Also check that the VM has internet access

(Tanuj Wadhawan) #3

Hi Carlos Pérez Aradros,

I had updated the metricbeat .yml with the IP of my host but upon executing the import dashboard above error had been observed.

VM is having the internet access as well.

Same metric beat import dashboard script is working on the local machine.
Is there any config setting in import dashboard script that needs to be updated.

(Carlos Pérez Aradros) #4

Uhm, can you try to download from a browser inside your VM? I want to make sure that is working

(Tanuj Wadhawan) #5

It has been downloaded at VM .
Could you please suggest next steps to proceed with.

(Tanuj Wadhawan) #6

Hi Carlos Pérez Aradros,

Did you get a chance to look into it.

(Carlos Pérez Aradros) #7


I don't see a clear explanation, do you have any antivirus/firewall running on the machine? It could cause this. Also, could you run metricbeat in debug mode?:

metricbeat.exe -e -v -d "*"

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