Metric Beats Filesystem metric

System filesystem metricset | Metricbeat Reference [7.15] | Elastic says that filesystem data is captured in windows however when trying I get

INFO module/wrapper.go:259 Error fetching data for metricbeat system.filesystem: error getting filesystem list: GetFilesystemType failed: GetVolumeInformationW failed: The device is not ready.

All disks are online and available, so I have no idea what the error is trying to say, nor on what device it is having issues? (Possibly dvd drive, usb disk...)

Is it possible for the error to say what the problem actually is?

Currently I do not believe any of my disk storage is being inserted in elastic, so not sure if this INFO message is stopping the gathering of disk stats, or if it is having issues gathering all of the disk stats?


I think you are running into this problem. According to the Github issue, there was a fix for it in 7.12.1 and another seems to be coming with 7.16: Update gosigar package by narph · Pull Request #28909 · elastic/beats · GitHub

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thanks, does look like it, so am now looking at upgrading. Thanks for finding, hopefully things will work post upgrade.

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