Metric Text Graph to show Graph contents


I have a metric text graph to show unique user count. I wanted to know who are those unique users. Is it possible?


Yes - this is called "Unique Count" in the UI of Lens and Legacy Metric Visualization...and it's called "Cardinality" in TSVB editor (and in Elasticsearch itself)

Im getting confused in Lens. Im able to create multiple view in Lens . But Im able to only one of view(either metric text or Bar chart) in dashboard, which doesnt serve my purpose. Am I doing anything wrong?

I created like below

I have two graphs here one is metric text and other one is bar chart. I need to know who are those users . What should I do hereafter

Ah, I see. Try doing a report of userName.keyword with the "Top Values" selection to see the unique values. You can also click the userName field in the left side to see the different top values in a popup

Cool. Im able to see Top values as below

But how to see this from dashboard itself, instead of editing visualization?

Reset the visualization (the "reset layer option") and drag this userName.keyword field to the middle to see a bar chart like this.

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