Metricbeat activity on different power state

Hi, I just want to confirm if the metric beats gather data if the machine/pc is on modern standby?

Hi @jogoinar10,

We are not currently testing beats on modern standby. In principle system services are only throttled down in this mode, and network is activated when needed, so metricbeat could work.
If you try it It'd be great if you could tell us about your experience :slight_smile:

Hi @jsoriano, i tried to test it and found out that it is not sending data to elasticsearch when it is on modern standby.
But I am not sure though, I still want to check if the beats still gathers data even if it is not sending to elasticsearch. I read one article here that the beats has a capability to store the logs if the output is not available, but i didn't save the link sadly. Do you have any idea on how to configure?
Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Maybe it needs some kind of support to be able to continue running properly on modern standby, I have created an issue proposing supporting it.

If you want to try to use the spooling to disk feature, take a look to the documentation. Not sure though if disk will be available on modern standby even if the process is not paused.

Thanks for raising this question!

Thank you @jsoriano.
I'll gonna subscribe to that and hopong to include the feature in the next release.
Thank you very much again. :smiley:

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