Metricbeat - error getting group status: open /proc/<PID>/cgroup

I have an ELK stack setup in a K8s cluster with security enabled. All components are working fine

Installed metricbeat and kube-state-metrics using helm charts, and the containers are not starting, and i see the following error when i describe the pod

Readiness probe errored: rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = failed to exec in container: timeout 5s exceeded: context deadline exceeded

and i see the following error in logs

getting group status: open /proc/[PID]/cgroup: no such file or directory

Similar question raised here , but dont see any solutions to the issue

It seems a fix was already merged in master and it will be released soon (if not already) Monitoring: allow specifying /proc or hostfs path. · Issue #23267 · elastic/beats · GitHub

I am working on the latest version of metricbeat - Version:

One thing of interest I noticed. Of the three nodes in my cluster, I get this error only from one node !

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