Metricbeat error on Redis module

I'm running a master and a slave instance of redis on a local and remote server.
When I try to start metricbeat I'm getting this error:

ERROR redis/redis.go:72 Error retrieving slowlog len: ERR unknown command SLOWLOG, with args beginning with: len,

My Redis yml module file:

# Module: redis
# Docs:

- module: redis
    - info
    - keyspace
  period: 10s

  # Redis hosts
  hosts: ["remote_server:16302"]

  # Network type to be used for redis connection. Default: tcp
  #network: tcp

  # Max number of concurrent connections. Default: 10
  #maxconn: 10

  # Redis AUTH password. Empty by default.
  #password: foobared

Does anyone know what it might be?

Hi @Nelson_Ferreira_Juni

Can you also tell us which version of Redis you are using so we can try to reproduce the error? Also the version of Metricbeat, please.

SLOWLOG LEN command is pretty straighforward. With the information you are providing us I might think that your Redis version is maybe too old.

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