Metricbeat redis error while retrieving INFO and KEYSPACE stats


I had enabled the metricbeat redis module and below is my YML configuration:

  • module: redis
    metricsets: ["info","keyspace"]
    period: 10s

  • module: redis
    metricsets: ["key"]

    • pattern: '*'
      limit: 50
      period: 10s

    Redis hosts

    hosts: [""]

When i start metricbeat, I get errors like:
ERROR redis/redis/go:70 Error retrieving INFO stats: dial tcp: missing address
INFO module/wrapper.go:244 Error fetching data for metricset redis.keyspace: Failed to fetch redis info for keyspaces: dial tcp: missing address

I'm not getting the datasets for info and keyspace on elasticsearch, however this works for dataset : redis.key.*

Please suggest what's wrong going on here?


I've fixed this myself. I had to define the host per module and noticed I had defined module: redis twice in the yml for the metricsets.

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