Metricbeat Error : x509 Certificate is valid for x, not Y

i have an error when i setup metricbeat

Step4 : ./metricbeat setup

this is my metricbeat.yml

Setup kibana


host: [""]

OutPut elasticsearch

hosts: [""]
username: "id"
password: "password"

this is [metricbeat install location/modules.d/elasticsearch.yml]
this is [metricbeat install location/modules.d/kibana.yml]

this is [elasticsearch install location/elasticsearch.yml]
this is [kibana install location/kibana.yml]

this is error

Exiting: Couldn't connect to any of the configured Elasticsearch hosts. Errors: [Error connection to Elasticsearch Get x509: certificate is valid for, not]

elaticsearch, kibana - version : 6.7.1
searchguard -version : 6.7.1-25.1
metricbeat -version : 6.7.1-linux-x86_64

how can i solve this problem??
elasticsearch, kibana, searchguard - that works but metricbeat setup is error
this is my first time try elasticsearch,kibana,searchguard,metricbeat
please help me, Thanks

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