[metricbeat] kafka metric show in discovery but not show in dashboard (detail in description )

HI there, i'm stucking in detect problem.
Here is my situation :

in client vm: metricbeat modules enable kafka
output to Elasticsearch .

Kibana : create index with : metricbeat-* successfully with full log and kafka metric like

  • t kafka.broker.addressadd
    • # kafka.broker.idadd
    • t kafka.consumergroup.broker.addressadd
    • # kafka.consumergroup.broker.idadd
    • t kafka.consumergroup.client.hostadd
    • t kafka.consumergroup.client.idadd
    • t kafka.consumergroup.client.member_idadd
    • t kafka.partition.topic_idadd
    • t kafka.topic.name

Very happy at this time to see it on Discovery mode, but NOT in DASHBOARD "[Metricbeat Kafka] Overview ECS" ( the dashboard installed from client with command : metricbeat setup -e )
The Dashboard show this :

Check index have conflict :

Any idea , thank you so so much ?

things i did :

  • delete index in elasticsearch
  • manually delete index on kibana ( management / index pattern )
  • delete dashboard on kibana
  • metricbeat setup -e ( again & again from client )

Update :
Elasticsearch version 7.3.2
Kibana version 7.3.2
Metricbeat version 7.3.2

Hmm the shard failure error is not good. Can you try besides deleting index on kibana, also in dev tools, run:
GET _cat/indices
and then delete the metricbeat index using
DELETE metricbeat-7.3.2-2019.09.17-000001

wow, i think you are right .
I've deleted index on Kibana ( in management tab )
But what this index mean "metricbeat-7.3.2-2019.09.17-000001".
I saw it in index list in Kibana also, beside the index from client is : "metricbeat-2019.09.17".
now I'm following your comment , respond soon.
Thank you

magic , somehow it's work :sunny:
Thank you so much @Kaiyan_Sheng

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