Metricbeat logs contain errors about nonexistent Redis properties

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Redis v3.0.501 (Windows)

My log contains the following errors, repeated on every period:

2016-08-01T14:56:42-04:00 ERR Key does not exist in in data: gcc_version
2016-08-01T14:56:42-04:00 ERR Key does not exist in in data: config_file

These correspond to expected Redis INFO properties, but those particular properties do not exist in my (Windows) version of Redis. Metricbeat ends up sending this to its output:

"config_file": "",
"gcc_version": "",

I might suggest dropping the Redis module's "Key does not exist" log message to a WARN or INFO.

(ruflin) #2

We already changed the behaviour here for the next version of metricbeat (5.0.0-alpha5). Non existing values will not be sent anymore: On the non optional fields, an error will be logged. As these fields do not exist under Windows, it would probably make sense to make them optional. Why does config_file not exist?

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A just question. When I run INFO manually on the same machine, I do see a config_file option.

Here is the DBG output from metricbeat and the INFO output from redis-cli in case you want to compare.

The change you describe sounds good, though I wonder why any fields would need to be non-optional for just this reason. In any case, thank you for the response -- I'll look forward to future versions!

(ruflin) #4

I'm quite surprised that it shows up when you run it manually but not when run from metricbeat. I assume it is the same redis-server instance?

About the optional params: Missing values in a request can mean something is wrong. That is why we log an error if values are missing.

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