Metricbeat - network usage data for dashboard


This one is already closed:

but I still think that it would be really nice feature to have network usage stored also as not incremental values. It would make network dashboard usable (incremental one is useless), and independent from Timelion.



Can you share your thoughts on why it is a problem to have it dependent on Timelion? Timelion is directly shipped with Kibana in the 5.0 release.

  1. For scripting purpose it is easier to reuse same template for all metrics.
  2. This is the only way to be able to see on a same graph cpu and net usage to track correlation between those metrics.
  3. We are trying to implement Watcher. It's impossible to create rules to trigger actions based on incremental data. Using same logic for Watcher and Kibana visualisation makes development much more easy.
  4. On a production servers you are not able to always push latest and newest software. Probably we will have kibana 5 not sooner than in a year or so.

@mha Thanks for sharing the insights. Could you open a enhancement request issue on Github for further discussions? Point 3 and 4 definitively concern me. For 1 and 2 I hope there are workarounds.

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