Dynamic configuration for Timelion

I've created a graph of outbound network traffic using metricbeat and timelion as shown in the timelion guide:
.es(index=metricbeat*, timefield=@timestamp, metric=avg:system.network.in.bytes).derivative()

The traffic shown is sum between 8 hosts I have. so if I want to see individuals hosts traffic I'm adding split to the timelion:
.es(index=metricbeat*, timefield=@timestamp, metric=avg:system.network.in.bytes, split=beat.hostname).derivative()

Most of the time I only need in my dashboard the first graph without the split, but in case there is a spike I want to be able to see which host caused it, so I need to switch the graphs \ add the split by press of a button and without editing the visualization. Is there anyway to do that?


This is not possible right now in Kibana, but you could have 2 identical dashboards, one with split by beat.hostname and one without and a markdown with a link to switch between them.
You can add a link to a Kibana page using this syntax:
[My link name ](#/dashboard/dashboard-id)

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Thanks, so I'll manage with two seperate dashboards for now. Hope to see feature like this in future.

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