Timeline - how constract network I/O graph

I use MetricBeat 6.1.3 and Kibana and want to constract graph that will show I/O network trafic for each server.
As I understood I have to use derivate() fucnction for this. But how I can split this trafic for each server?
Here the example for input trafic but without splitting: .es(index=metricbeat-6.1.3-*, timefield=@timestamp, metric=avg:system.network.out.bytes).derivative()

You'll want to add split to your first function, like this:

.es(index=metricbeat-6.1.3-*, split=server.hostname:10, ...

Take a look at this reply...

It is still pretty to what I typically use today, and should help in figuring out the various options.

Thanks a lot. Are such negative values isn't useful for you?

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