Timelion split and metric function together

Hello Kibana Experts,

I have below timelion function which works fine,

es(index=pt-rmlog-2019*, split=Hostname.keyword:5)


However, when i tried to add a metric like below it doesn't show anything up even no error message. I'm trying to see the total count of the User on a particular Host.

.es(index=pt-rmlog-2019*, split=Hostname.keyword:5, metric=sum:User)


.es(index=pt-rmlog-2019*, split=Hostname.keyword:5, metric=sum:User.keyword)

Below are my custom fields..


Would appreciate any help.


User seems to be a string-field, so you cannot do a sum on that. The sum-metric only works on numerical fields.

Thanks a Mile @thomasneirynck for the revert, Is there another Way we can count for the User

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