Timelion feature

I am wonderning whether the below expression will be possibe sometime:
.es(index=perf, split=datafile:10, metric=sum: num_of_bytes_read+num_of_bytes_write)
.es(index=perf, split=datafile:10, metric=sum: num_of_bytes_read).add(index=perf, split=datafile:10, metric=sum: num_of_bytes_write)

Thanks Jozsef

Hi, I doesn't look like Timelion supports being able to calculate sums from different metrics of corresponding terms when there is a split on terms.

You can try using Time Series Visual Builder which provides sum_bucket capabilities.

It's pretty unlikely this feature will ever be provided in Timelion.

Hi Tim,

Thank you, I could implement my solutions with Time Series Builder (split aka group by and painless calculation). It is very good. There are two remarks: You should implement a tooltip for the legend too. Sometimes the elements of legend are trimmed and cannot be read. The other during the group by option I cannot sort by the final (shown) calculation. (May be this is constrained by ES aggs features.?.?)

Best regards

Glad to hear it's working out!

cc @thomasneirynck (visualization lead)

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