Metricbeat on Windows only returns volumes with drive letter

I'm running metricbeat 8.10.2 on Windows Server Core 2022. It's a physical server with multiple physical disks, where only one of these is mounted with a drive letter (C:).

All other disk, both SATA and NVMe are mounted as mount points without a drive letter. metricbeat doesn't seem to ship any metrics for these volumes.

How can I enable this?

According to the documentation, this should be sufficient to return metrics for all volumes:

- module: system
  - diskio
  diskio.include_devices: []

If I specify the name of the volumes in diskio.include_devices, nothing is shipped. Only if I include "C:".

Hi @kenmich

You can enable the "windows" module through the perfmon.

Following configuration is for shipping the data for drive "% Free Space" from the perfmon counter.


Hope it may help you to achieve your requirements.


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