Metricbeat openmetrics module ignores 'metrics_path' parameter

I use Metricbeat 7.15 to collect metrics from a JBoss EAP application server. The applicaion-specific metrics are available at: http://localhost:10090/metrics/application

I configured the openmetrics module like this:

# Module: openmetrics
# Docs:

- module: openmetrics
  metricsets: ['collector']
  period: 10s
  hosts: ['localhost:10090']

  metrics_path: "/metrics/application"
    include: []
    exclude: []

But it seems that the parameter metrics_path is ignored and the default value /metrics is always used. Even if I change it to something invalid like /xxmetrics, the metrics are still queried from /metrics.

Is my configuration wrong or is this an issue in the openmetrics module?


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