Metricbeat Prometheus module issue with same metric & multiple labels


Hi, I'm using the Prometheus module to grab metrics from an exporter like the following and expose to a Kibana visualization.

For example, this one corresponds to "vdu_name="web01-1-apache_vdu-1"

# HELP osm_cpu_utilization OSM metric
# TYPE osm_cpu_utilization gauge
osm_cpu_utilization{ns_id="797ce9d2-2517-4e7e-b82d-66549f73fc65",vdu_name="web01-1-apache_vdu-1",vnf_member_index="1"} 80.7169069941

However, as soon as a simultaneous second metric of the same type arrives, with a different label (in this example, vdu_name="web01-1-apache_vdu-2") Metricbeat stops collecting!

# HELP osm_cpu_utilization OSM metric
# TYPE osm_cpu_utilization gauge
osm_cpu_utilization{ns_id="797ce9d2-2517-4e7e-b82d-66549f73fc65",vdu_name="web01-1-apache_vdu-2",vnf_member_index="1"} 80.4891191328

This is happening with all my Prometheus metrics when a second element arrives, the behavior is shown in Kibana as if the collection had stopped, and it keeps like that until I reload Metricbeat with having just one metric of each type.

This is how Kibana looks like:

Any clue? thanks in advance!


I've noticed an issue with my exporter, which is adding new "types" for metrics of the same type, will check this out first and get back.


Problem was with the exporter, thanks anyway!

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