MetricBeat shipping incomplete data from raspberry

Hi All,

I have recently started exploring the elastic products and was able to run ElasticSearch, Kibana, and MetricBeat on my workstation and I was able to view system metrics on Kibana dashboards perfectly.

I wanted to ship metrics of a raspberry pi powered device to the above setup. For that, I was able to build Metricbeat on Raspberry and used the same workstation for elastic-search and kibana.

Metricbeat ships data to elasticsearch cluster but I guess it's incomplete. On Kibana Dashboard, CPU usage, Memory Usage, Traffic etc are always 0 but I can see the number of processes. I have attached screenshot of the Dashboard.ss_for_beats

fields.yml and system.yml are not modified.

I am stuck in it for 2 days and unable to figure out the exact reason for this behavior.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @amitphulera,

When in Discover view, do you see incoming metrics? Can you add a column and reports the ones you see? It looks like if some of them were missing

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Hi @exekias

Thank you for looking into the issue.

Yes, I can see the incoming metrics.

Here is the list of unique field.

  • process 38.8%
  • core 20%
  • Network 15%
  • process_summary 5.2%
  • memory 5%

A screenshot of discover mode.


Hi @exekias

After some digging came to find out that data was shipped properly but the index that was being used by kibana visualization was default i.e metricbeat-* whereas I have changed the index in metricbeat.yml file.

Is there a way to update this default behaviour?


This problem is kind of solved.
My use case was to monitor multiple raspberry pi, so I thought of creating separate indexes for each of the device and visualize metrics on kibana.
So I read some of the answers in the forums which mentioned to keep the index same and separate the device with hostname instead of indexes. That worked fine for me.

So, closing this issue :slight_smile:

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