Metricbeat System Dashboard not refreshing automatically


Can someone please help with me refreshing System Metricbeat Dashboard automatically as it's not refreshing automatically, I have to manually update every time to see the data.


Could you provide some more information so we can be able to help you?

  1. What version of Kibana are you using?
  2. Have you enabled automatic refresh for your Dashboard? (It's not enabled automatically)
  3. Is this affecting other Dashboards or just the Metricbeat one?

Kibana version 7.8.0 and No I haven't enabled the auto refresh dashboard, How can i enabled it?

Yes it's effecting dashboards.

@majagrubic, Thanks I have figured it out now..
click the Calendar drawing at the top right corner of the dashboard and program on Refresh every with desired value . Configure the desired value by clicking the Start and Auto-refresh

Yes, that's how you do it. Glad you got it figured out.

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