Kibana refreshing automatically

Hello to everyone!

I am new to Kibana and Elasticsearch so please forgive my below pointless question
I am wondering about the blue refreshing button "Refresh" on Kibana. I have already made some visualizations in a dashboard and the data in the panels are refreshing every 15m. So after 15m there are new values in the line graphs. However if I do not click the "Refresh" button in Kibana the dashboard does not being refreshed automatically. I have left the page of the dashboard opened in the browser and I was waiting for 20m in order the dashboard to be refreshed and give me also the new values, but something like that did not happened. I had to click the "Refresh" button in order to get the new values.

So, please do you have any advice how the Kibana dashboard can be automatically refreshed? Is there any special requirement to be added in the conf file?

Thank you very much.

Configure Refresh every in the time picker quick select to enable automatic data refresh


Thank you so much for the prompt reply @Nathan_Reese. This solved the problem!
Have a nice day ahead!

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