[Metricbeat] system.process.cmdline often missing

This is a follow-up of https://github.com/elastic/beats/issues/428 for process name limitation of 15 characters which led to the addition of system.process.cmdline.
When reviewing the issue I noticed that the process name in the Metricbeat-processes (5.3.0) dashboard is still cut off at 15 chars because system.process.name is used.
system.process.cmdlinecan't be used as a replacement because it's often undefined in the index written by Metricbeat.

I am able to reproduce the issue on macOS. The system.process.name is limited to 15 characters. I understand the system.process.cmdline is difficult to use as it's usually a very long string. I have re-opened the issue to fix the issue.
Regarding the value of system.process.cmdline, I am not sure I can follow here. Is it exported by Metricbeat?

Yes it seems that it comes from Metricbeat as I just installed that.

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