Metricbeat Tx and Rx Rates

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Hi Guys,

I'm having some issue while pulling the network stats, we want to capture TX and RX values and we able to pull the values to Elasticsearch but on kibana its showing larger values compare to value on the server. How to resolve it???

Even we have same issues with memory usage and load average its shows bigger values on kibana.

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@magnusbaeck can you help me on this thanks.

(Andrew Kroh) #3

You could use Timelion (Github) to compute a derivative to get Tx and Rx rates. Related:

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how to specify particular host here

.es(index='metricbeat-', q='', metric='').derivative().color(#f66)


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thank You

(Andrew Kroh) #6

You can specify a Lucene query with .es(q="beat.hostname:myhost")

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it worked thanks @andrewkroh. You guys are awesome

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