Metricbeat Visualization - What does this mean?


Can someone tell me what does this mean for the CPU visualization for Metricbeat dashboard:

Where can I find more about TSVB's Bucket Script's Painless support?

Anyone? Looks like nobody know anything related to Painless scripting directly in Kibana's TSVB.

params.n > 0 ? (params.user + params.system) / params.n : null

This script is run on each bucket (or interval) by first checking to see of the number of CPU cores is greater than zero. If it is then we display the average of system.cpu.user.pct added to the average of system.cpu.system.pct divided by the average of system.cpu.cores. This will give you a normalized value for the two since system.cpu.user.pct and system.cpu.system.pct are recorded as multiples of the cores. Without this the bounds of the metrics are from 0 to 100% * numberOfCores.

Edit: Forgot to link to the Painless Scripting Language Guide

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Thanks for the reply. Is there a limit to what you can do in Painless for Kibana's TSVB's Bucket Script compared to Painless via cURL/Elasticsearch queries?

Not I that I know of OR can find. I'm pretty sure it supports the full feature set.

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