[Metricbeat Windows] Services ECS dashboard throwing errors


I setup Metricbeat on Windows and I use windows module to send info about services to Elasticsearch through Logstash. There are no filters on Logstash server for this pipeline.

Then I loaded Kibana dashboards according to the documentation. But when I go to to [Metricbeat Windows] Services ECS dashboard the following errors pop up:

Saved "field" parameter is now invalid. Please select a new field.


[esaggs] > "field" is a required parameter

I am working with the same versions of ELK Stack and Metricbeat - 7.5.2

I wonder if anybody could shed some light on this please?


Hello Dragan, if you followed the documentation for your setup and there's no other step, please consider filing a bug report, with the exact sequence of activities stated clear. If it works in some other eg. test setup of yours, it's worth stating in the report. Please also try this approach (older version though) for a similar issue to see if it solves your case.

Thanks @monfera
It turned out that the problem was related to our environment which is quite complex...

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