Metricbeats for Windows - Performance Monitoring

(Tomer Leibovich) #1

I'm new to ELK.
I've installed metricbeats on Windows and started to get the default metrics without any problem.
Now, I wanted to use the Windows module to gain insight on one of the sites in this server.
My yaml configuration is:

  • module: windows
    metricsets: ["perfmon"]
    period: 10s
    • instance_label: "site.connections"
      instance_name: "site1"
      measurement_label: "site.current.connections"
      query: '\Web Service(site1)\Current Connections'
      format: "long"

However, I could not see that those metrics in Kibana dashboard.
What am I missing here?


(ruflin) #2

Can you share the log output (best debug) from metricbeat?

(system) #3

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