Problem with Metricbeat 7.10.1 and windows server 2012


I'm just start using metricbeat to monitor a windows server 2012 machine.
I've installed an configured successfully metricbeat 7.10.1. I've enabled windows module to collect cpu usage.

The data collected is sent directly to elasticsearch version 7.10.1 installed on linux box.

The problem is when I try to see the data on kibana 7.10.1, the default fields are not shwon.

The metric beat windows module is as follow:

    # Module: windows
    # Docs:

    - module: windows
        - perfmon
      period: 10s
      perfmon.ignore_non_existent_counters: false
      perfmon.group_measurements_by_instance: false
      - object: "Processor"
        instance: ["_Total"]
        - name: "% User Time"
          field: user_time_pct
          format: "float"
        - name: "% Idle Time"
          field: idle_time_pct
          format: "float"

On the Kibana Index Pattern management, I can see all the fields send by metricbeat.

If I delete de template loaded by metricbeat, I can see all the fields on kibana discover, but after load again the template, the fields 'disappear' again.

What could be the plroblem ?

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