Metricbeat Perfmon configuration help

I'm new to the ELK stack and I'm currently trying to configure an environment that sends basic Windows server performance metrics (CPU/RAM usage, HDD space remaining, etc.) to a remote Kibana server. Currently I have data feeding into the Kibana server correctly but when trying to create visualizations for the data using the standard fields, I'm finding that the data is not appearing correctly. Reading the documentation I see that the Windows module has to be configured in order to collect specific information from perfmon.

Currently my issue is that I'm unsure how to properly configure the windows.yml in order to collect the information above. I can see that the already pre-configured processor time query is sending that information to my index but can anyone explain how to start the process of configuring this to collect the other information?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Just a small bump on this. I've configured the basic system module to collect metrics but regardless of setup I'm unable to visualize any of the metrics correctly which is leading me to be unsure if I have metricbeat enabled correctly. I can see the in the discovery section of kibana so I believe I should have the correct metrics to begin but could anyone confirm that I should be able to visualize basic stats such as CPU, RAM, HDD with the basic system module on a windows server?

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