Metricbeats on GKE not working as expected - Missing deployments, nodes, etc

I followed everything as the tutorial is saying:

But I still don't get my nodes and deployments status:

I have kube-state-metrics running, when I see the logs on the metricbeat pod I get the following error:

" Failed to list *v1beta1.ReplicaSet: replicasets.apps is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:kube-system:metricbeat" cannot list resource "replicasets" in API group "apps" at the cluster scope"

That's a known issue, will be fixed at next release

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Is there a workaround? Other than downgrading to 7.3.

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@pmercado, can you tell when the next release is likely to become available?

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@pmercado, I upgraded Metricbeat to 7.5.0 and still don't get per-node network, CPU and process metrics and nanocores counts. Should I try 8.0 from git?

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Same here! The metrics are still missing...

It's the same too on 7.5 version, metrics data are still missing.

Did you try to execute the yaml as an admin in GKE? See in the documentation.

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