Metrics Explorer results incorrect?

I've created some views with Metrics Explorer, but by chance I've noticed, that the results seems to be incorrect. I compared it with the results from Discover and the visualization "CPU Usage [Metricbeat System] ECS". All screenshots compare a 30 seconds timeframe. Do I understand the Metrics Explorer results wrong ?

I've noticed one more thing. When I do a "graph per agent.hostname", then the results for the host are completely the same as in TSVB and Discover, when I select a single host with the search like I did in the screenshot, the result is different.

OK, I think I know now, what my problem is. I've done a test, if the search is working at all using agent.hostname : "xyz", and the result is the same as without any search. As the search seems to work when I do an "Add filter" from the Actions menu but not with a search I've composed on my own, I do not understand what the usage of the search bar is or if it is a bug.
Can anybody please explain ?

Instead of using agent.hostname, what does it look like when you use

Hi @simianhacker,
unfortunately it is exactly the same result using

Hi @simianhacker,

sometimes the answer is easy and the problem is sitting at the keyboard :slight_smile:.

I've used the search like in Discover, I've entered the search and hit the "Refresh"-Button, which in Discover changes to an "Update"-Button as soon as I enter a single letter.
When I press Enter instead, it works immediately as expected.

Maybe it would be a good idea to enhance the usage of all search bars to work similar to Discover and all entries have the button change to "Update".


Doah! Sorry about that weird UX behaviour, I consider that a useability bug.

@hbharding We should add this to our list of UX improvements (unless there's an issue for it already).

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