Kibana - Metricbeat Gadget Top Hosts

Hi There,

After upgrading to 7.15.0, I've noticed a couple of the Metricbeat gadgets are not reporting correctly anymore. It shows the stats for a couple of hosts, and the rest are just solid bars. Is there a configuration that changed recently that I should adjust?

I am using version 7.15.0

As you can see with the screenshot below, what I am referring to:

Thank you,

Hi Joel :wave:

If you see visualizations report incorrect results after an upgrade, then this most likely a bug,

Could you please file a bug report here ?

Would be very helpful if you'd include configuration of your broken visualization (screenshots or saved object export with removing of any sensitive data are fine) and, if possible, showed how the results looked before an upgrade.
Also please mention the version you've upgraded from.

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