Visualizations not updating for some hosts

Hi, I'm working on setting up some metricbeat visualizations and I am seeing some unexpected behavior. If I view the metrics inventory page I can see the metrics updating for each host as they should, however when I try to visualize certain metrics (CPU, memory and network) they display 0 unless my range is above an hour. This is appears to only be happening to a handful of hosts and I can't seem to figure out why. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

Is it possible data for these metrics is only coming in once an hour? These visualizations show the last value for the given metric, but they are only searching the time range specified in the time picker, so if there wasn't any update in this time frame, it won't show any data.

Thanks for the reply. I discovered I was encountering two issues. My TSVB was timing out before all the hosts had populated and I was able to sort this out by adjusting the elasticsearch.requestTimeout in the Kibana config. The hosts that weren't updating as expected had their time slightly off and once I synced that, everything started working as expected.

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