Infrastructure - & metric are not displaying (properly)


Hello World!

I'm using Elastic stack 6.6.0 now and while at Infrastructure Kibana's app (on smaller screen), and metric are not displaying correctly (missing) unless user hover over mouse over blank box and then user sees host and metric. I didn't had this issue with previous release (on same screen size).

Please advise.

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Is all your data 6.6 as well? or just ES/Kibana?


all nodes in the cluster are at version 6.6.0

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Can you check your indices? Are there any metricbeat-* indices that have the older version in the index name?


boxes is showing nodes in the list, just not actual and metric when screen is small, on larger screen it shows and metric...

however to answer your question, all of metricbeat-* indices are at previous version now.

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Oh... I'm sorry I totally miss interpreted the statement about the host name not appearing as it not appearing at all. After re-reading the original post (again apologies), I now understand what your saying.

Yes, this is intentional because the text would be so small that it started to become illegible. But good news, after similar feedback, we are working to address this with 6.7.0. You can look at the first attempts in this PR ( which tries to find a better balance with regards to what we show. We are also introducing a table view in 6.7.0 if the WaffleMap is not your cup of tea:


This wasn't an issue with 6.5.3 though, yet somehow it became an issue starting 6.5.4, however screen size did not change so text would not be more illegible as it wasn't before and boxes seems similar shape and sizes as in 6.5.3... just saying...

regardless, I do see Elastic team is working on improving it, so I'm all up for that)

Thank you for pointing those issues out for me, I appreciate that)

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This feature is in active development, our goal is to always make it better, sometimes things don't work out. Thank you for your understanding and feedback, let us know if there is anything else you're struggling with.


Thank you and Elastic team for everything)

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