MIB OID Translation for the same oid?

hi all,

i have two MIB file : TCP-MIB.yaml and RFC1213-MIB.yam all have defined the oid as follows,


from kibana ,

RFC1213-MIB::tcpConnState. 	  	  4

As you can see part of the OID is translated. Namely into RFC1213-MIB::tcpConnState.
i am confused about it why the oid defined in two MIB file, but why the logstash translate from RFC1213-MIB file ?
how to work for the translation ?


How do you used the "yamlmibdir" option ?

yamlmibdir => "/opt/logstash/vendor/bundle/jruby/1.9/gems/snmp-1.2.0/data/ruby/snmp/mibs"

I don't know if you want to have the RFC1213 yaml file but I think that Logstash find in these file and the first file with a result is RFC1213 (and not TCP-MIB).

If you want to have TCP-MIB only, I suggest you to have your own folder with yaml files describing oids. (juste place the TCP-MIB.yaml into this new file and specify the new path to "yamlmibdir")