Migrate cloud.elastic.co index from amazon deployment to azure deployment

Hi !

In order to avoid connexion stability issues for an Azure hosted API using an originally AWS hosted elastic cloud deployment I am seeking to migrate the indices of said deployment to a new Azure hosted deployment in the same azure region my API is running in.

Using the cloud.elastic.co GUI only allows snapshots transfers on same host solution and same region.

So trying to do it manually I can't find a way to either

  1. add an azure storage repository for snapshots on the AWS hosted elastic deployment
  2. add an aws repository on the azure hosted new deployment to restore from.

I first tried to use this way to add the s3 snapshot to the azure deployment but got an error telling me it couldn't reach the snapshot

I then tried to install the azure-repository plugin and PUT a "type":"azure" snapshot to the S3 deployment but got an error (repository type [azure] does not exist) so I guess those are not compatible.

Is there anyway to enable any solution to exchange snapshots between s3 and azure ?


How about reindex from remote maybe?

Much longer than a snapshot restoration, but a workaround anyway. :ok_hand:

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