Migrate Saved Searches from Kibana 3 to Kibana4

Hey All!

I've just completed the upgrade from Kibana 3 to Kibana 4 but I'm looking for a yml or some other file that holds my saved searches from Kibana 3 but I do not see anything.

Are these gone and have to start over? or is there another folder I should be looking in?


Hi Eric,

Probably best to read this; Migrate dashboards from Kibana3 to Kibana4


Hi Lee,

I saw that but I thought that only applied to Dashboards.

I'm talking about the Saved Searches which should be easier as it's just the query and not a visualization or dashboard.

Hi Eric,

I think it pretty much applies to everything. You could query the saved searches in your kibana 3 index in Elasticsearch and create some in Kibana 4 and compare them. But I haven't heard of anybody migrating any part of Kibana 3 to Kibana 4. I think most people don't have that many Saved Searches and most of the work is in re-creating the Visualizations and Dashboards.

Though it old, can you please let me know the process you followed to migrate from kibana 3.0 to 4.0. I am struggling now.