Migrate .security index for migrating users?


I have setup a new cluster 8.7 and I want to migrate users from my old cluster 7.x into this cluster so that I do not have to re-create the users and setup new passwords.

I did some looking around and it appears that if I migrate the .security index from my 7.x cluster into the new 8.7 cluster, the users and the roles should be migrated.

I have a few questions regarding this, if this is the correct method:

  1. Does the .security index have inbuilt users like elastic, kibana etc ? If yes, will these users get over written in my new cluster ?
  2. If I import or restore the .security index, will the old passwords work or will I have to reset the password for all users ?
  3. Is there a guide to snapshotting and importing the .security index ?
  4. What can go wrong ?

If snapshotting and restoring the .security index is not the answer, what is the correct way to migrate users along with passwords from one on-premise cluster to other ? Is this even possible ?


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