Migrating data to "cold" indexes - docs?

Im looking for documentation about how to migrate old(er) data to "cold" storage. Specifically we use elastic to store audit data. This needs to be kept (nearly) indefinitely but certainly isn't accessed very often. There's no reason to keep this data in memory though.

It looks like "curator" is the tool to do this but Im not coming up with many examples of how it's done. We use curator to delete older indexes.

Ultimately I would think we need to do two things:

  • consolidate
  • move to 'cold'

Can someone point me at info / docs on how to achieve these?

The idea is the same as this right here, but just add in another tier of nodes that you move data to.

We are putting more work into making this sort of long-term storage more efficient, I don't know the ETA for it though.

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